Bird Not Putting Weight on Foot: Here Is What You Do

Petting birds is something common today. Although it is not as common as petting dogs, it has been gaining popularity. You know, petting birds can be very concerning. Because these are sensitive. And one issue with them could be their weight on foot.

So, why is my bird not putting weight on the foot?

Your bird may not put weight on the foot for its foot issues. And its feet may have mainly 2 problems. First, your bird may be infected by scaly mites. This is a common disease today. And secondly, it may also have a bumblefoot. This is a bacterial infection.

This gives you the answer that you wanted to know. But you need to know a lot of things, like symptoms, solutions, and all. And we’ve got all these here.

So, get started now!

Why Is My Bird Not Putting Weight on Her Feet?

If you see that your bird does not put weight on its feet, you should be concerned. It is natural to be concerned about it.

So, why does the bird not put weight on the foot? Well, this is because your pet bird has issues with its feet. Yes, that is something obvious about this problem.

Now, you would think, what are the problem on my bird’s feet? Well, take a look here to find out about this in detail.

Problem 1: Scaly Mites

Scaly mites are microorganisms like viruses. This is a germ that can attack any type of bird or animal. If your bird gets this germ, its feet would mainly be affected.

You will notice that the feet of your birds are getting dry. This might not be noticeable at first. However, with time, you will start to notice the dry skin on its feet.

And gradually, the upper skin may also start peeling off. As a result, your bird may not be able to put weight on its feet. Because the bird has difficulties coping with its feet.


To treat your bird for this, you need to clean the feet of your bird. This would be basically an easy thing for you. So, how do you clean the bird’s feet?

First of all, you need to wear gloves. It is better to have protection, you know. And do not forget your face mask too. After that, you would need to cut the nails on it, if any.

So, take a nail cutter and cut off the nails of the bird. After that, let it rest for a while. Do not force or do anything like that. Because your pet is already sick at that moment.

And you need to make sure it is not mentally disturbed. So now you need to clean the feet of your bird. Take a bowl of clean water.

The water has to be warm, not hot so that it can bear the temperature. Now, take a regular liquid soap and put it into the water. Mix the liquid soap into the water.

Then you need to put your bird’s feet into it. Now, you would rub the feet of your bird thoroughly. But make sure you are not going too hard.

Do it very slowly but with proper pressure. Your aim would be to kill any germs on your bird’s feet. So, you may need to set some time aside for this.

Keep rubbing its feet like this for at least 10 minutes. Once you are done with this, take it off. And then just rinse the bird’s feet with a new mug of water.

You need to repeat this for about 5 to 10 days. And that would kill the germs and recover the bird’s feet!

Problem 2: Bumblefoot

Bumblefoot is a bacterial infection that is not very common. However, it is not that uncommon either. This is an infection that can be seen in birds’ feet.

And your bird might be affected by this too. So, how does bumblefoot affect the bird’s feet? Well, if your bird has this, the feet would look like being cut.

Most of the time, it is initiated by a cut or something like that. Like, your bird may have been hit by something sharp. And that is when this infection occurs.

As a result, the bird can not balance on its feet properly. And thus, it does not put weight on the feet.


Now, this would be an easy solution too. However, you can not directly try to resolve this problem. Yes, you can get started treating it, but it needs time.

So, how to treat my bird with bumblefoot? Well, first you just clean the feet of your bird. That is just a simple washing of the feet with warm water.

And then you need to apply the medicine for this. So, this medicine would basically treat the bumblefoot. Because the medicine needed for this would fight the bacteria present there.

You would keep on applying this for about 2 to 3 weeks. And gradually, the bumblefoot would recover with time.

So, these 2 are the main problems for this. You know other than this, you may also find some other issues like gout. 

And that would also be similar to these issues. All you need to do is treat that with medicine.

And if you have any confusion, you can contact an expert. Because you should not overlook any issues with your bird. Or else, it would deteriorate the condition.

What Are the Symptoms of My Bird Having Foot Problems?

If you are petting a bird, you need to be careful about a few things. And among all these, there are one or two things that are very important to look at.

Bird foot is one of those. Yes, the feet of birds generally have more problems compared to other body parts. And you need to understand this on time.

So that you can treat your bird and give it a normal and healthy life. Now, you may wonder, what are the symptoms of bird foot problems?

Well, the first symptom you might notice is the bird’s curling toes. That means the bird would not keep the toes like it normally does.

It would just keep on curling it again and again. You would not see anything, not even the bird. But it would still keep on curling very often.

You may also notice the splayed legs of your bird. Weakness, discomfort, and pain would be there too. You will notice these with time.

There would also be issues with the foot size. For example, you would see that the feet of your bird would be swollen. You may also notice redness in their feet.

That means the feet of your pet may often be reddish. Other than that, there might also be symptoms like gout, pain, and blueish skin.

So, these symptoms would be there with your bird.

And that would give you the space to reckon that your bird has foot issues. If you can get the symptoms, you will not have to be worried.


Can my bird die with issues on its right leg?

No, your bird would not possibly die with an issue on its leg. Because it may be something temporary and simple to treat. On the other hand, not being able to treat it on time may cost it. That means you need to be careful enough to treat your bird on time.

How long does a bird live in general?

Well, the lifespan of a bird actually depends on a number of factors. And the first thing that comes to mind is the type of species. But for a general idea, a bird can live at least 4 years. And a bird can also live up to 100 years as well. So, it all depends on the species, environment, and all.

Can I diagnose my bird at any time?

Yes, you can diagnose your bird anytime. You know you can diagnose almost every type of living thing today. It is very common for pets to be diagnosed and treated accordingly. So, you can diagnose your bird with an expert if needed. And they can also treat your pet.

The Final Words

Now you know why your bird not putting weight on the foot! We believe you can get out of this issue easily now.

However, try to remember one thing all the time. That is, if you notice any disruptions or issues with your pet, look into it. You need to see what problem it actually has. And then fix the problem accordingly.

Happy time with your bird!

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