Swarovski Slc 8×42 vs El 8.5×42: Which One to Choose?

We use binoculars for many reasons today. Using these is not limited to fun purposes. Because we use it for legitimately important tasks too. For binoculars, there are some top-notches like Swarovski slc 8×42 and EL 8.5×42, from which it is hard to choose!

So, which one do I choose between Swarovski slc 8×42 and EL 8.5×42?

Swarovski SL 8×42 binoculars have greater magnification than Swarovski SLC 8×42. On the other hand, Swarovski slc 8×42 has an eye relief distance of 18.5mm. But El 8.5×42 has 17.5 mm only. Moreover, this does not have any variation, whereas the other one has. Swarovski is more expensive than El 8.5×42.

You have got a brief comparison here. Now, carry on to the main part where we get the detailed comparison.

So, get started now!

Swarovski SLC 8×42 vs El 8.5×42: A Quick Comparison

The first thing you need here is a quick comparison. This would give you a look at the features of these binoculars. So, here you go.

Features Swarovski Slc 8×42 El 8.5×42
Magnification 8 Times 8.5 Times
Eye Relief Distance 18.5 mm 17.5 mm
Looks Variation Available Typical
Price Around $2300 Around $1900

This gives you a heads-up for the main part.

Swarovski SLC 8×42 vs El 8.5×42: A Detailed Guide

Now, you can move on to the detailed comparison. You already know about their features. So, you can grip the details now. Take a look.


The first thing that you would want to see in binoculars is magnification. So, we got this comparison first.

Swarovski Slc 8×42

You know, the magnification of binoculars is something you can not avoid. In fact, you need to look at it first. So, how is the magnification of Swarovski Slc 8×42?

Well, Swarovski SLC 8×42 binoculars have a magnification of 8x. You may have an idea about this already. But you may still wonder, what does 8x mean?

So, 8x basically means the binoculars can zoom up to an extent of 8 times. That means you can go 8 times closer to the normal one.

Thus, if you are using Swarovski SLC 8×42 binoculars, you can zoom up to 8 times. And that would be a good one for magnification.

Now, with the magnification, you may also wonder about the close look. So, what is the close look of Swarovski Slc 8×42?

Well, Swarovski SLC 8×42 binoculars can go up to 10.5 ft. So, you can say that this is a pretty good close look at these binoculars.

El 8.5×42

Talking about Swarovski SLC 8×42, you now want to know about El 8.5×42. So, what is the magnification of El 8.5×42? Well, it has got a bit more scale in magnification.

El 8.5×42 binoculars can go up to 8.5x. That means you can zoom up to 8.5 times the normal size. And that would actually be more than enough.

Because 8.5x magnification is not available in all binoculars today. So, this feature is something that you can definitely count on!

And talking about the close look, it goes about 10.5 to 11 ft. So, this one is pretty good too.

Winner: In terms of magnification, El 8.5×42 would win. Because you get a better magnification along with its close look.

Eye Relief Distance

Focus distance is something that ensures how long to focus. Like, this is the minimum distance the lens can focus.

Swarovski Slc 8×42

You know about the magnification of it already. Now, you may wonder, what is the eye relief distance of Swarovski SLC 8×42

Well, the eye relief distance of these binoculars is about 18.5 mm. That means you can have a view of the view from this distance.

You may not need to go any further or closer to the lens. And this is basically a typical distance of eye relief. This one is a pretty good distance for eye relief too.

Remember, if you need to go too close to it, you will not feel that comfortable. So, it is better to maintain a distance for eyes only.

El 8.5×42

Like the Swarovski SLC 8×42, the El 8.5×42 has a similar eye relief distance too. So, what is the eye relief distance of El 8.5×42?

The eye relief distance of El 8.5×42 is about 17.5 mm. That means the distance between your pupil and the lens would be this.

And that is closer than the eye relief distance of the Swarovski SLC 8×42. Although it is closer than that, it would not be inconvenient.

Winner: Talking about eye relief distance, Swarovski SLC 8×42 binoculars would win. Because this is more convenient than the EL 8.5×42.


Looks may not be everyone’s cup of tea. However, this is something that you may want to consider.

Swarovski Slc 8×42

Swarovski SLC 8×42 binoculars generally come in a greenish color. However, there is a variation in the color too. You can expect these in black and blueish colors too.

So, you can expect this variation in color. However, the design is typical. These binoculars are tall in length.

El 8.5×42

On the other hand, El 8.5×42 binoculars are not that different in looks. There is no variation in the design of these in terms of color or anything else.

You would only get these binoculars in a greenish color. So, that is what you can get.

Winner: In terms of looks, Swarovski SLC 8×42 binoculars come first. Because these binoculars have some variations in their looks.


Price is something that always comes prior to the purchase. So, here you go.

Swarovski Slc 8×42

The Swarovski SLC 8×42 binoculars are the ones that are not that cheap. So, how much does a Swarovski SLC 8×42 cost?

Well, to buy one of these, you need to spend around $2300. This may vary a bit depending on a few factors, though. However, this is an average range for this.

So, these binoculars are not that cheap, to be honest. And you basically need to have a good budget for this.

El 8.5×42

Just like the Swarovski SLC 8×42, the El 8.5×42 binoculars are not that cheap either. However, it is not that expensive either.

So, how much does the EL 8.5×42 cost? If you want to buy these binoculars, you need a budget of around $1,900. So, that is kind of reasonable, you can say.

Winner: When you think of the price, the El 8.5×42 binoculars win. Because these are comparatively cheaper and more reasonable.

Which One Do I Choose Now?

You may still have a little confusion with making up your mind. So, this is what helps you with that.

If you want to consider magnification, El 8.5×42 binoculars would win. In addition, you would want to choose this for its looks.

However, if eye relief distance is something you consider, go for the EL 8.5×42 binoculars. Moreover, these are also much more reasonable in price.


How long can I keep my binoculars?

Well, the lifetime of your binoculars may vary. However, there is an average lifetime of binoculars. A piece of binoculars would go at least about 10 years. And it can be used for up to 15 years too. However, if you can use this properly, it can actually go more than that.

Can I change or replace the lenses of my binoculars?

You can replace the lenses of your binoculars if they are enabled. That means you may not be able to do it with all the binoculars. So, if the binoculars permit, you can do it. And remember, changing the lenses would actually be a good privilege. Replacing the lenses is cheap too.

Is there a way to replace my old binoculars?

Yes, you can definitely replace your old binoculars. In the first place, you don’t need to replace it if you use it properly. However, if the binoculars are actually damaged, you may take off the old optics. Because you can replace it by donating. You may also give it to a store, receiving some money in return.

The Final Words

Now you know which one to choose from Swarovski slc 8×42 vs el 8.5×42! You must not have any more confusion to go for the better one now.

But do not forget one thing. If you are trying to get a pair of binoculars, go for an evaluation. Try to compare at least 2 of them to get the best one out of that. Because you may want to make sure of the features before you get that.

All the best!

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