Leupold Bx4 Vs Bx5: Which One You Should Pick?

You’re thinking about buying a Leupold binocular soon? Two models- Bx4 and Bx5 are in your consideration. But you can’t decide which one you should pick?

This is so frustrating but normal. Before buying anything, you must know if it is worth it or not. 

So, Leupold Bx4 vs Bx5: Which one is better?

Between the Leupold Bx4 and Bx5 binos, the Bx5 Santiam HD is worth buying. The Bx4 binos used a calcium fluoride lens. On the other hand, Bx5 used a guard-ion lens. Guard-ion protects the lens from dirt, water, fog, and fingerprints to provide you with a crisp, clear image. Guard-ion is better than calcium fluoride.

Want to be more clear and specific? I hope you’ll be determined after completing this post. 

Now, let’s start with answering your actual query.

Which one You Actually Should Choose: Bx4 Or Bx5?

There are some silly differences between Leupold Bx4 and Bx5. Here we’re presenting a table for quick comparison.




System Elite optical system Professional-grade optical system
Magnification 8x, 10x, 12x,  8x, 10x, 12x, 16/56 high power
Transmission Down the dust transmission glare reduction Unbeatable light transmission and High glare reduction
Image Clarity  Edge to edge clarity. A crisp, clear image
Durability Less durable than Bx5 Long lasting
Price  $579-769 (Amazon) $999-1099 (Amazon)

In this table, we can see that Bx5 offers better features with a higher price tag than Bx4. For the better features, the Bx5 is better than the Bx4.

In the next, we’ll compare Bx4 and Bx5 feature-wise one by one. And after the discussion, we’ll mention the result. 

Feature-wise Comparison Between Bx4 and Bx5

Basically, we’ll discuss the 6 features one by one. These 6 features generally matter most for binoculars. It’ll help you be determined and take the decision easily.  

Feature 1 of 6: Technology

Leupold Bx4 used elite optical technology on the other hand Bx5 used Professional-grade optimal technology. 

Both technologies are able to provide a good image. But a professional-grade optical system can better protect your lens from dust, fog, and water. 

By protecting the lens from these objects, Bx5 can provide a crisp, clear image. It can give the best performance in dusty, foggy, and overcast conditions.

Bx4 uses a calcium fluoride lens and Bx5 uses a grade-ion coating lens. Grade-ion is considered a better lens.

Technology-wise the Bx5 is slightly better than the Bx5.

Winner: Bx5 Santiam

Feature 2 of 6: Magnification

Both Bx4 and Bx5 have magnifications of 8x, 10x, and 12x. But the Bx5 has a high power of 16/56 magnification.

16/56 magnification will provide a higher degree of magnification. You’ll get zoom and clear details of the object.

For better performance and getting a clear look at objects, the Bx5 is considered better.

You’ll get better performance in overcast and unfamiliar conditions.

So, for the higher magnification, the Bx5 is better than Bx4.

Winner: Bx5 Santiam

Feature 3 of 6: Transmission

The Bx5 got a better transmission than the Bx4. Bx4 got down the dust transmission glare reduction. On the other hand, the bx5 got light transmission and a high glare reduction system.

Both the transmission systems are considered very good. But the light transmission and high glare reduction provide a better and clearer image.

With a better light transmission system, the object can be identified more clearly.

That’s why the Bx5 has a slightly better transmission system than the Bx4. 

Winner: Bx5 Santiam

Feature 4 of 6: Image Clarity

Both Bx5 and Bx4 provide a clear image. You’ll get equally good images from both binoculars.

From the Bx4, you’ll get a cutting-edge image. You’ll be able to identify all the silly details by them.

On the other hand, you can get the best, crispiest, clear image. You’ll be able to identify every little crunch from the objects.

To provide a clear image, both Bx4 and bx5 will perform well.

So, on this ground, they are both equally recommended.

Result: Tied

Feature 5 of 6: Durability

Both the Bx5 and Bx4 are made with similar types of material. They are both are aluminum made and extremely lightweight.

If you want to use your binoculars in challenging conditions, the Bx5 can survive longer.

Bx5 is extremely durable. It can give you the best performance anywhere.

Because of the grade-ion technology, the Bx5 can resist all the effects of bad weather. So, it can resist water, fog, and scratch more effectively than Bx4. 

These factors make the Bx5 more durable. Considering its durability, the Bx5 is better than the Bx4.

Winner: Bx5 Santiam 

Feature 6 of 6: Price

Considering the price factor, the Bx4 is slightly ahead of the Bx5. Both binoculars provide almost similar features. The price difference is pretty high. 

The Bx4 costs almost $400 less than the Bx5. But for the price, there are some small advantages.

If you think which one provides you with better features at a lower price, then it’s Bx4.

But if the cost is not the determining factor, then you can definitely choose Bx5.

As a cost-cutting product, the Bx4 is preferable.

Winner: Bx4 Pro Guide HD

So, in terms of most of the features, the Bx5 is ahead of the Bx4. That’s why we recommend the Bx5 Santiam.

The Bx5 is better than the Bx4. But there are some silly, certifying issues.

Sometimes you can face some difficulties matching eye-cups with your face. This can happen for the different shapes of faces.

But the eye-cups are removable. You can untie and remove the eye-cups if you face problems.

Follow the user manual to use it effectively. 


Do Leupold Binoculars Have A Lifetime Warranty?

Leupold binoculars are built for lifetime performance. But sometimes some issues can arise with the roughest use. In this case, Leupold will provide a lifetime free service warranty. It’s one of the very good sides of the Leupoldinoculars. In most cases, Leupold’s get damaged.

Does Leupold offer a military discount?

Unfortunately, the leupold does not provide any discount for the military family. It currently does not provide any discounts for any type of person. So, if you want to buy the Leupold binoculars right now, you need to buy them at the original price. However, it is worth buying binoculars for       

Does Leupold Use Japanese Glass?

The Leupold binocular upper end was imported from Japan. Leupold imports its different parts from different countries. The lower end is imported from China. They are assembled by the USA gold coating ring shape line. Leupold is highly qualified and one of the best binoculars.


Well, we’re at the very tail of this article, and we’re going to wrap it up. Hopefully, you’re determined about Leupold Bx4 vs Bx5.

I hope you got the point of why you should choose the Bx5 and why. We’ve discussed all the features we considered.

Don’t forget to let us know your experience with this article. And which one do you finally choose?

Make the best use of every penny. Stay Blessed!

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